TerpDrives – Easily Access Storage Services from Lab Computers Running Windows

Do you use different storage and collaboration services such as Dropbox, Google Drive, UMD Box, and SkyDrive? What if you could save files to your accounts in those services as easily as you can to your computer’s desktop or hard drive? TerpDrives can help you accomplish this in computer labs.

After a quick and easy set-up process, every time you log into a Division of IT lab computer running Windows, your linked storage drives will be available. You will be able to browse and access all of the files in your linked storage providers through Windows Explorer.


The following IT Knowledge Base articles are available to provide more information about the TerpDrives service and how to use it:

Note: The TerpDrives service is supported by Indiana University’s Kumo system. You will likely notice mentions of Kumo and/or Indiana University when setting up your TerpDrives.

Visit terpdrives.umd.edu/setup to get started!